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May. 28th, 2015


Olivia Freakin' Spencer & Friends

Olivia Spencer from Guiding Light is probably my favorite fictional character ever. Her story is rich with drama, comedy, and of course, seduction. I've assembled several playlists so you can view the greatness of Crystal Chappell and learn the story of this amazing character. Olivia Spencer is a one-of-a-kind character and Guiding Light told her story very well. Come back with me to the Summer of '99 and watch and grow with Olivia. If you are only interested in the story of Olivia and Natalia, I suggest starting with the Oct 29, 2007 episode (see Otalia section).

If you find any additions or corrections to any of these playlists, please email me. I want them to be as complete and accurate as possible.

My thanks and gratitude go out to those fans who have taped, edited and uploaded these clips so the rest of us could enjoy this wonderful story.

Classic Olivia

Olivia 1999-2001 The Wounded Heroine
Olivia 2001 Josh & Alan
Olivia 2001-2001 Alan & Phillip 1
Olivia 2002-2003 Alan & Phillip 2
Olivia 2003-2004 Phillip
Olivia 2004 Phillip & Bill
Olivia 2004-2005 Bill 1
Olivia 2005 Bill 2
Olivia's Scenes from Guiding Light: 2005 - Feb 2007
Olivia and/or Natalia's Scenes from Guiding Light: Mar - Sept 2007


Olivia, Natalia, and Emma had their first scenes together on Oct 29,2007. This was Jacqueline Tsirkin's first episode as Emma. In my not so humble opinion, this is the official start of Otalia, however, they had lots of hurdles to overcome before they found their way. Isn't that what the fun is all about?

Olivia and Natalia's Scenes:

Oct 2007 - April 2008
May - Dec 2008
Jan - Sept 2009

New clips are being added daily to continue to flesh out this story. I'll keep adding them and tweaking these playlists as long as new material is posted.

Cheers and Happy Viewing! I hope you love these two as much as I do!

Other related lists:

Interestingly enough, while searching out clips of Olivia, I fell in love with other GL characters. The lists below tell some of the story of some of those characters, most notably, Dinah Marler, Lillian Raines, Vanessa Chamberlain, Alexandra Spaulding, and Blake Thorpe. I will continue to develop new playlists and post new clips of these characters. Again, I am totally indebted to those who recorded and uploaded these wonderful old episodes. I'm hoping GL lives on through those of us who are fans of the show as a whole.

I'm reorganizing these lists so they are in a more chronological order. While these older lists may focus on a character or pairing, they also incorporate some of the other characters I've grown to love. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For now, I'm starting in 1992 with Blake and Ross. Sherry Stringfield originated the role of Blake, then Liz Keifer took it over. What a great core couple GL had in these two. B&R 1993 starts with Maureen Bauer's death. I just had to incorporate that well-loved character into these clips. Also getting some screen time in these clips are Holly Lindsey, Roger Thorpe, and Ed Bauer.

Another favorite character is Alexandra Spaulding. GL was so good at developing complicated flawed characters and Alex is one of the best. This is the start of Marj Dusay's interpretation of this wonderful character. These clips start in 1993 when Alexandra returns after spending time in Indonesia and continue with the wonderful "Who Shot Roger?" storyline.

The aftermath from "Who Shot Roger?" devastated Vanessa. She went away to the Lake Country to heal and Matt/Vanessa were born. I love the romance of this couple. These clips begin the Summer of 1994.

Skip forward to the adorable Lillian/Buzz. I decided to do this playlist after reading Tina Sloan's (Lillian Raines) book, Changing Shoes. I recommend it ( the playlist and the book) to everyone!

One of my favorite couples in 2008-9 was Dinah and Shayne. If you liked them too and want to see their relationship, this playlist is for you: Dinah and Shayne This couple met in Europe in late 2008. They just seemed to compliment each other and even each other out.

Josh was Olivia's first and, in my humble opinion, best husband. I really liked their friendship at the end of GL. Here's a little relationship study: Josh and Olivia - 2009

Days of Our Lives:

Before Crystal Chappell created Olivia Spencer, she played Dr. Carly Manning opposite Peter Reckell's Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives. Here are some of the best scenes from that romantic story. I tend to be partial to all things Mexico, however, my friends from TPATs like Cabins, Rooftops and (of all things) Viruses. WTF??


ETA 6/28/10: Olivia 2003-04 Phillip 2 Playlist
ETA 7/31/10: Olivia 2004 Phillip 3 Playlist
ETA 8/9/10: Guiding Light Oct-Dec 2008 Playlist
ETA 9/6/10: Olivia 2004 Phillip Bill Playlist
ETA 9/18/10: Lillian & Buzz Playlist
ETA 10/8/10: Consolidated many playlists
ETA 10/12/10: Olivia 2004-2005 Bill 1 Playlist
ETA 11/27/10: Olivia 2005 Bill 2 Playlist
ETA 4/1/11: Matt/Vanessa Playlist
ETA 4/6/11: Alexandra 1993 Playlist
ETA 5/2/11: Guiding Light Jan-Mar 1994 (Who Shot Roger?) Playlist
ETA 5/9/11: Days of Our Lives Bo & Carly 1.0 Playlist
ETA 5/13/11: Guiding Light 1992 Blake & Ross Playlist
ETA 5/14/11: Guiding Light 1993-94 Blake & Ross Playlist
ETA 6/8/11: Guiding Light Mar 1994 Playlist

Sep. 28th, 2011


Minx Vid

Have you resisted Minx? Well, this vid recaps their complete relationship so beautifully in just a few minutes. I can't stop smiling through this whole vid. Enjoy!

I'm going to miss this show, but I'm very hopeful we'll see it again in January. Until then I have a hole to fill. I need something to watch in that hour after I get home from work. Any suggestions?

Sep. 22nd, 2011


Goodbye, AMC! Thank you!

Tomorrow is the last day that All My Children will be aired on ABC. Hopefully, it's not an end, but a transition. There are a lot of things that so many are saying, but I wanted to highlight this comment from Michael E. Knight's interview with Michael Fairman:

"One of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned is from Susan Lucci.  I watched Susan with her fans at the ABC Super Soap Weekend one year.  There was a woman who came up to her to get her book signed, and she broke into tears.  And the Disney guys are going, “Well, we have got to move the line along!”  And Susan, all 5’ft 2” of her, comes off her podium and comes to the stairs and to this woman and just holds her and hugs her.  She gives her a kiss and these guys start to come over to her!  Susan looked up … and there is nothing more dangerous than a 5 ft 2’ Italian, let me tell you!  She looked at this guy and said, “I am going to be here for a minute!”  And he kind of evaporated.  I commented on that to her later.  She said, “Mikey! They have loved you for 30 years. All they want you to do is love them back for 30 seconds.”  That was profound!"

Yes, it is Michael.

I've never been a big Erica fan, but with this comment, Susan Lucci has made me a fan of hers for life. Soap actors are truly an amazing group of people.

PS, this interview with MEK is worth reading in its entirety. Check it out! 

Aug. 16th, 2011


Minx Just Keeps on Bringing It!

Just Watch! No words needed.

Aug. 9th, 2011


I Love Minx!

Why isn't any one on my flist talking about these two?! They are just too cute for words!

Jul. 23rd, 2011


How Sweet it IS!

That is all.

Jul. 21st, 2011

Rizzoli - Fun

Misogyny in TV?

Some interesting comments in this interview with Janet Tamaro, head writer for Rizzoli & Isles. A sampling:

"there is this cultural thing that says if it appeals to women then it is less than a show that appeals to men."

"I used to think, “Oh, I have to do the male story.” I have to be the one raising my hand and saying, “Oh, I’ll cover Iraq.” I finally got comfortable in my own skin, I’m raising two daughters, and I said, “To hell with that. That’s bulls--t.” This is as important and I am not slumming by writing a show that appeals to women – all women."


Jul. 18th, 2011


What more can a Mama hope for?

If you read my last entry on All My Children, you'll know I've fallen for Minx. That said, watching a soap I haven't watched before is a trip. Especially in these days when so many soaps are getting canceled and actors are switching gigs.

So, in watching AMC, I'm totally thrown by the actors who played Gus Aitoro, Tammy Winslow, Bill Lewis, Griggs, and Nick Spaulding from Guiding Light and Arianna Hernandez from Days of Our Lives, having new roles as characters on AMC. If I'd watched As the World Turns, there would be more. It isn't so bad when only one of these actors is in scenes with other AMC actors, but when Gus and Bill are sharing screen time and they aren't acting at all like I think they should, I'm getting whiplash. I keep looking for the pond in Peapak.

Then,in real life, Crystal Chappell and Bobbie Eakes run a half marathon together. This happens the weekend before Bobbie's character's daughter comes out. More whiplash. Yet, really it's all fun. These actors are bringing wonderful stories to life and LBGT audiences are being represented in wonderful ways. My thanks to all these wonderful actors and writers. Just give me a chance to adjust. I loved those GL characters and I'm sure that I'll end up loving the AMC characters as well, but it'll take a little time.

PS. I need some Marissa icons. Especially ones showing that megawatt smile that leaves me in a puddle.

Today's episode was made of win. If you don't believe me, watch this:

To set this up, for those who don't know the characters, the red head walking in the door is Marissa. The woman behind the counter is her birth mother, Krystal. And the brunette who walks in later is Bianca. Such a sweet scene this is!

Jul. 12th, 2011


A Touch of Minx

My flist is going crazy about the S2 premiere of "Rizzoli & Isles." I have to agree. I'm so glad they are back with the subtext, snark and cute, funny bickering. I laughed through most of the episode and loved it.

But this post is not about Rizzles, it's about Minx. R&I will never "go there." The subtext will be fun and sexy as hell, but we'll never see on screen any true girl-girl action between these two. At least I'll be totally surprised if there is.

So, while AfterEllen is promoting this very wonderful show, another American TV show is giving us a real lesbian relationship. You won't find much about it on AfterEllen - just one thread in the forum with over 3000 posts - but hey, AE has been burned by Daytime before and isn't all that ready to go there again. So, I want to introduce you to "All My Children's" newest couple, Minx.

This started back in Feb/Mar timeframe and has been a slow build. The payoff was TODAY, people, today!

As I'm want to do, I made a Minx Playlist. It'll take about 8 hours to catch up. If you want to skip to the end and see if the payoff is worth 8 hours of buildup, watch this:

I hope you enjoy this new couple as much as I do. I'm seriously crushing on Marissa. AMC has me looking forward to tomorrow almost as much as Otalia did in it's heyday. *sigh* I love romance.

May. 18th, 2011


Blake Marler - Who is She?

While this post isn't exactly about Blis, it is about Blake. I started watching GL in late Feb 09, so I didn't know much about the history of our fab team. Recently, I went looking for backstory and found some good stuff. If you haven't seen these clips before, and you're a little homesick for GL, you just might want to watch these playlists.

These are of Ross and Blake when they first began. The actress who initially played Blake in these clips was Sherry Stringfield, but soon Liz Keifer took over the role and IMHO, she knocked it out of the universe. I liked Ross & Blake - even through all of their ups and downs and I loved Holly Lindsey and Roger Thorpe in these clips as well. Our Blake was a feisty and complex character in those days. Watching her backstory makes me think she would be great with Doris today.

So I offer these two playlists:
Blake and Ross 1992
Blake and Ross 1993-94


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